Info Room Features

Data areas are of increasing importance in many businesses. They are used to store hypersensitive information and protect this from exterior online hackers. They can be used for all types of tasks, from due diligence to professional communication.

In contrast to physical records, which require users to physically go the site and retrieve data files from storage, virtual data rooms are accessible through the internet connection. This enables for faster use of papers and a better level of visibility.

Upload, edit and down load large amounts of documents instantly. Instantly synchronizing files from your computer’s desktop, shared files, FTP and corporate file storage space with your info room. Organize the files by labeling them and making use of search filter systems. Optical character recognition (OCR) automatically works and indices all report text and saves you effort and time.

Manage get permissions based on user’s function in the job. Quickly bring users you this hyperlink by one or mass invite hundreds of users with your data room. Set up two-step user identity confirmation to secure records and ensure that only authorised parties have access.

Automatic redaction makes it simple to redact commercially very sensitive and specific information. Built-in automation saves you countless hours of searching and installing, and the characteristic changes as your deal moves along to meet constantly changing redaction requirements.

Q&A and Chat features facilitate cooperation among different groups. These features are especially valuable during a research process. That they allow for a safe and effortless way to talk about sensitive data, answer questions and make speedy references to files.